The Nakato Family

Nakato Family

Since 1972 when Tetsuko Nakato first opened the doors of Nakato Japanese Restaurant, the family has shared the magnificent culture of Japanese cuisine with Atlantans and visitors from around the world.

After Tetsuko retired, her daughter, Hiroe Nakato, along with Hiroe's husband Kiyo Takahara, not only took the reins of the restaurant, but further grew Nakato's standing as one of the premiere dining destinations in Atlanta.

Today, Sachiyo ("Sachi") Nakato Takahara runs the restaurant founded by her grandmother. Sachi was born in Atlanta and worked at Nakato from a very young age. She moved away to study art history at Boston University, and in 2004 she came back to the city and family business that she loved. Sachi mastered every aspect of the restaurant before being named general manager.

Throughout the past half century, the Nakato family have always been on site at the restaurant to share their love of Japanese cuisine, starting guests out with the most basic dishes and then gradually introducing more intricate flavors and traditions. Just as her mother and grandmother, Sachi has always believed making guests feel special and welcome was the utmost of importance. To enhance the guest experience, Sachi along with a dozen of her managers and servers have all become Certified Sake Advisors so they can guide guests through the educational process, finding the perfect Sake for the Japanese dishes they are enjoying.

Quite simply the Nakato family has created Nakato Japanese Restaurant based on the foundation of the Japanese word, Omotenashi. The word omotenashi means Japanese hospitality, and it is literarily translated as - "Omote" meaning public face – an image you wish to present to outsiders and "Nashi" meaning nothing. Combining them means every service is from the bottom of the heart – honest, no hiding, no pretending. This is the cornerstone of the Nakato family.