tasting table

Chef Kazuya Takeda - Executive Chef

Nakato boasts the only private tatami rooms or traditional tea rooms in the Southeast. These rooms offer intimate, multi-course washoku dining where guests feel as though they are being transported to the heart of
Japan. In the tatami rooms, guests remove their shoes and enter a serene environment. Throughout the evening kimono-wearing servers attend to their every dining need as guests sit on floorpillows.

Chef Kazuya Takeda crafts meticulously prepared multi-course "Kaiseki" menus highlighting authentic Japanese ingredients such as A5 Wagyu served sizzling on a hot stone, the finest quality fish flown in from Japan several times a week. These pristine Japanese proteins are served alongside local ingredients that are at the peak of seasonal perfection.

These rooms require a reservation at least 48 hours in advance as the items are hand selected specifically for your dining pleasure. Choose between our $100 and $120 "Kaiseki" Chef's Tasting menu or enjoy dishes from our traditional Japanese menu (additional $20 per person seating charge will apply).